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Ooh look! Knowledge! This is where I'll put extra information on topics/subjects/words that I think deserve more explanation, or I get asked about. Yes, it's sad and trivial, but hey, new knowledgei s usually useful.

The British National Anthem: This is actually 'God Save the Queen', not 'Rule Britannia'. But since very few British people actually give a monkey's about it these days, I'm excused getting this wrong :).

Gwent: A county in Wales, which does not, to the best of my knowledge, have a Duchess. Or any other kind of aristocracy. The only aristocracy the Welsh are lumbered with is Prince Charles, and that's curse enough for them I suspect.

Peon: In Spanish-America, a day-laborer, in India and the rest of the world, an office-messenger or attendant. Yup, that exciting.

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