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The Comic

C.Ulture Shocked tells the story of Caroline Ulture, a young and somewhat naive young English woman who moves to America to live, only to find that (in the words of Quentin Crisp) 'it's just like in the movies, only more so'. Except that it's not so much the movies that are responsible as the media presentation of America in general. Thus, in Caroline's world clichés run riot; grey aliens are part of everyday life, serial killers stalk the streets regularly (because, hell, they do in the movies), and every piece of bizarre Americana ever shown in the media is here as large as life. It's hoped that C.Ulture Shocked will grow as an ensemble piece, allowing the use of the characters that will be introduced to tell various stories that I want told, trying to deal with difficult subjects whilst still doing the 'daily gag' routine. After all, about 90% of my lifestyle will get me lynched somewhere by someone, so I may as well speak out about it :)


The Writer

Full Name: Selena Elizabeth Ulrich.
Nicknames: Sel, 'Lena, Kitsune, Kitty, Kit, Kitsune76, Kiddo.
Date of Birth: 17/06/76 (In cartoonist years, I'm ancient!)
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft8
Weight: 9st 7. Um, that's...about 119 pounds I *think*
Eyes: Grey.
Hair: Copper 
Distinguishing features: Moderately disabled. Left leg shorter than right, left hand doesn't work, lower energy than most. I don't use a wheelchair but after about a mile I tend to collapse. For the rest of the day. And am incapable of moving much after that. No, really.
Pet Peeves: Homophobia, sexism, racism, people with a mental age of 12, people who try to force their religion and belief down your throat, the fact that life isn't as easy as it looks, arrogance, anyone even vaguely famous not at least acknowledging their fans, bigotry, Celine Dionne.
Pet likes: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, on-line comics, fan fiction, all that music I used to listen to when I was 11, Neil Gaiman's Sandman, Neil Gaiman's Stardust, programming, web design, Photoshop, any girl in real life who looks like Liz from Cool Cat Studio
Pet Sounds: An album by the Beach Boys.
How long have you been writing?: On and off since I was 11. At 21 I managed my first unpublished novel, which frankly sucked but maybe one day I'll rewrite it. This comic is just an excuse to continue writing in another form, although at one pointi s was also an excuse to try and cartoon too.
OK, how long have you been cartooning?: About 6 months, although I did once try my hand when I was 15. I did verily suck. So I gave up and got Jo instead :) 
Best Advice Ever Given:      If you don't pick it, it'll heal.


The Cartoonist

Full Name: Jo Wilson
Nicknames: Jo-Jo
Date of birth:  Nunya business - you're not that interested anyway - old enough to have started a pension.
Distinguishing features:  A tendency to just wave my hands around when I run out of words, and to speed talk when manic until people shout at me slow down Jo we don't understand a word you're saying because you're talkingtoofastagain.  A tattoo of some Victorian embroidery around my left ankle.  Patient expression around Tory supporters.  Murderously patient expression around Daily Mail
readers (Note for non-English readers: Imagine your local most far-right political  candidate going into a lesbian commune and slowly shooting each of the occupants in the head while explaining to you in perfectly reasonable and terrifyingly well-argued terms that they deserve it. *That's* an indicator of the true horror that is the Daily Mail - Selena).
Pet likes: Trash TV, carefully worded intellectual justification for watching trash TV, fanfic, comics in every shape and form: Love & Rockets, Hothead Paisan, Sluggy (poing! poing! cheers Selena!), Too Much Coffee Man, Corto get the idea.  BUFFY.  Oh dear, way too much Buffy.  Lots & lots of things and people, my new floor fan (it's called Dennis).
Pet peeves:  Daily Mail readers.  Ok, it's been pointed out to me by some of my friends that this is unreasonable as their Mother/Girlfriend/Dearest Chum is intelligent and non-bigoted, but happens to read the DM.  Tough.  They should know better.  Oh, and pigeons, the retarded type that wander around cities going 'coo coo' like it's special.  Actually, once again, lots of things, but Selena has pointed out that I rant a lot already and should save it for a political rally.  The fact that Selena keeps saying that she's a crap cartoonist when she's actually damn good at the important things like continuity, layout,
expression and using a bloody ruler (I told you Jo, I can't pay you unless we get 'Spotted - Selena).
Other stuff:  Secret documents in the Ministry of Defence that I'm not allowed to publicise.  Sorry.
Plans for world domination:  I don't know what you're talking about.


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