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Here follows a complete list of all stories to date. Note that each story is considered as a chapter, with further sections within, all of which should be nicely linked to (unless I have a total brain flip)

BOOK 1 - Welcome to America

Chapter 1 - Welcome to America!

In which Caroline hits America, and America hits back! Featuring Caroline through the refridgerator and Parties and Psychos and Pals (oh my).

Chapter 2 - Episode 2: A New Job

Caroline starts work at Soulless Megacorp and gets dropped in the deep end with a project she cannot handle. Fortunately, her new colleagues are on hand to be of help. Kind of. Maybe. Hmmm... Features the first proper appearances of Carla, Kia, Derek and Jerek, and Cass.

Chapter 3 - Random Plotless Gags Week

Just a few one-off strips that illustrate the humour that make this comic so unique. AND STOP BACKING AWAY LIKE THAT!

Chapter 4 - Chirpy Giggle Psycho Week

You're supposed to kill her, not leave gag gifts on her doorstep!

Chapter 5 - It's a So-Called Wonderful Life

Kia's niece comes to stay for Christmas, leading to Caroline turning goth and Carla getting popcorn. Plus my only attempt to do a gamer strip.

Chapter 6 - Happy New...Hentai???

After drinking too much at New Years Caroline wakes up with a Japanese film crew in her flat and the Fridge Monster in her bed. With her.

Chapter 7 - You're going out there a lesbian...

In which a series of bizarre events lead to Kia becoming a successful supermodel, just because she's gay! The longest story to date.

Dyke Cars - Caroline gets taken shopping for a car at the local 'lesbians only' car showroom, where Kia is photographed...
Discovered! - Kia gets snapped up by a modeling agency, becomes all successful, and gains a few enemies in the process.
Hell hath no fury like a gay man with standards - Martin tries to challenge the double standard of how the press treats gays and how it treats lesbians 'with hilarious consequences'.
Madre de dios - the legends were true!
- Kia discovers the sick truth behind modeling's shiny facade.
Blood on the catwalk...
- An army of undead models, skinhead assassins, and slimy agents all come together to cause a storm that results in Jerry Springer being lynched (well, it made me laugh!)

Chapter 8 - Web comics and porn! You're the best list mom *ever*!

Caroline's addiction to online comics leads to blocking software being installed on the network, Jerek becoming a VP, and political satire from the writer. Oh, and Jo Wilson becoming te cartoonist, but that's not plot, that's just due to life being too hectic for me to do so.

First you must admit you have a problem... - Caroline's obsession with web comics starts to interfere with her work.
A brief forray into political satire -
Any resemblance to any presidential elections at the end of the year 2000 are purely deliberate.
Cold turkey and hot firewalls
- Caroline fails to live without web comics, and so begins to hatch a plan of revenge.
Web comic addicts and porno fans unite!
- Caroline puts her plan into action - with the help of the current holder of the 'Most Gigs of Porno downloaded in a single year'  award (hint: it's Jerek)
Repercussions and recriminations
- The results of Caroline's actions come back to haunt her - and do other things to Jerek!

Chapter 9 - C.Ulture Shocked - The Jerek Years

What's worse than working with a porno-obsessed, sexist, homophobic guy who wants your body? Having him as your boss!

Absolute power vs absolute stupidity - Power corrupts...but first it has to get through...
And they say nothing changes!
- Caroline and Cassiopea swap jobs, for reasons best known as Jerek.
Whatever do we do with a success like Cassiopea?
- Cassiopea turns out to be a helpful and efficient member of the team who can deal with anything - sadly for her, this includes several of Carla's scams...
A crip in search of a plot
- Since murder doesn't work, Carla enlists Caroline's help in finding what will.
The Jereksucker Proxy
- Detailing Jerek's rise, fall, and portrayal by Ben Affleck in a crappy blockbuster (not in that order).

Chapter 10 - Dating the Idiot

Out of pity, Caroline asks Jerek out. Silly girl. Featuring a week of guest strips.

See? I *do* remember plot details! - The date is set up in a way that strangely proves that maybe the writer has planned all this all along...
Does my bum look big in this?
- The Fridge Monster helps Caroline prepare for the date. The results are as bad as it sounds.
I got all pretty for *this*?
- The date fails to be fun. Quelle surprise.
Suddenly everything becomes clear
- Oh so there were *other* reasons for Jerek behaving so uselessly...

Chapter 11 - It's Halloween! Let's kill everybody!

Caroline takes part in the two great traditions of Wil Wheaton's favourite holiday - dressing up and trying to prevent lots of beautiful young people being viciously slaughtered by zombie fashion models.

Cheesy set-up
Old-fashioned twist
George Romero take-off
Anti-climactic ending

Chapter 12 - Random Gagless Plots Week

Smallville is a really sucky attempt to do another Buffy-style show, only with Superman. Oh, yeah, and this is another week of one-off gag-a-day strips

Chapter 13 - Because Thomas Hardy and 17 year-old goth girls go so *well* together

Kia's niece pays another Christmas visit, only this time the stakes are higher (sigh - I sound like a Michael Bay film!)

Return of the Niece(tive) - Does exactly what the pun says!
Far from the Mankievich Crowd -
Amarilis's true motives for visiting become clear.
The Nameless Citiers -
Amarilis goes shopping and the Grinning Skull goes stalking...
Desperate Measures (it's a Hardy novel! Honest!) -
The Mankieviches come to reclaim their errant girl child. No, the *other* one, Amarilis!
Amarilis the Obscure -
The Mankieviches argue with our heroes while Amarilis meets the Fridge Monster. In the 'almost gets eaten' sense of the word.
Insert Hardy Christmas Title Here
- Amarilis celebrates with the Fridge Monster. No, really!
Hardy New Year! (Hardy Har Har!) -
The whole mess is sorted out by a deus ex machina ending. Or should that be a deus ex wheelchairmachina ending?...

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