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Here are a small sample of the web comics I read. Note - this isn't all of them and just because yours isn't here doesn't mean I don't read them.


An every day tale of Canadian high school life, aimed at those who have recently, or are just about to, finish it. Consistently funny, with realistic characters, detailed plot development, and *waaaaay* too much subtext, but the cartoonist  says that last one is my fault and it's all unintentional.
Botto Street Drawn by a fellow Brit, Blotto Streets tells the story of everyday life at an English university, where people drink too much and try to pick each other up. All he needs to add is the consumption of illegal drugs and he'd have my first year down to a tee! Er, allegedly.

Bruno the Bandit

His name is Bruno! Bruno the Bandit!
Though things never turn out quite the way he planned it.
His name is Bruno! Bruno the Bandit!
Fiona is twice as smart as he! 
Down to Earth     Imagine a world where Death was easily fooled, or God and the Devil met in a cafe called 'Down to Earth'. Where cameos abounded, and political humour occasionally reared its head. This is the world of Down to Earth.

Clan of the Cats

The story of Chelsea Chattan, an ordinary girl who, thanks to pesky family curse, tends to turn into a panther at full moon. With  a liberal amount of Wicca, a storyline that borders on the epic, and a sarcastic Persian Blue called Sebastian, this is a strip that neatly blends realistic wit and episodic tales. 

Cool Cat Studios

Bonjour monsieur, ou est la boulangerie, s'il vous plait? Right, that's the limits of *my* French reached, so I'll just say that Cool Cat Studio is a thrice weekly comic about the lives and loves of four employees of a design company, and the owner's cat, Camus. Oh, and the cartoonist is putting together a version en Francais (in French), hence my poor introduction. 
College Roomies From Hell Words cannot begin to describe this comic, and I mean that literally! Three college guys - Mike, Dave, and Roger - live across the hall from three college girls - April, Margaret, and Marsha. This much is clear. After that, we start getting involved with tentacled freaks, Satan-worshipping fellow students, pet rocks called Fluffy, a cat who's part of Dave's soul, Margaret's survivalist gun-nut tendencies, and...look, just read it, OK? You'll love it. Trust me.
Everything Jake When Jake Bruno reached college, he never believed he'd have to get re-accepted socially, fight psychotic robotic cyber-pets,  deal with an alien being who kept putting him through test realities for reasons as yet unclear, *and* study. And that's just the first semester... 


If you've visited my FMUQ page (bless you! I love people who explore *all* my site, it makes things worthwhile) then you'll have noticed a reference to this - General Protection Fault (or GPF), a comic tale of the lives, loves, and plans for world domination of a group of geeks working at a company called GPF. If I can tell stories half as well as the ones told here, I'll be happy.

Jove Average

Ever had one of those days when your car won't start and you're late for work, it's raining and your shoes leak, your boss hates you, you're behind schedule, and the partner of your dreams is dating the creature of your nightmares? Well, compared to the life of Joe Average, you're in Heaven! Read this strip to find out why...

Krazy Larry

Hey you! Yeah, you, with the staring eyes and the frontal lobotomy! Why aren't you reading the adventures of an ex-asylum patient, living in the community with his blue blob of a conscience and a neurotic wolf for a flatmate? What do ya mean 'because the humour's too twisted for me'? Well 'scuuuuse me!


An everyday tale of nuclear physicists who just so happen to believe they're royalty. Or want to take over the world. Or operate on a totally different planet to everyone else. Or hallucinate Barbie. Now fortified with extra robotic killer ants...


One of the better adult comics on the web, and also drawn by a Brit. S.S.D.D. centres around the lives of a psychotic rabbit, an apathetic stoner hare, and two foxes who can't keep their hands off each other. Quite often rude, sometimes crude, but generally consistently funny with great art work, and hints of developing a proper storyline soon and all!

Soap on a Rope

Welcome to the world of Max Slacker, a place where the unsubtle humour of most strips us replaced by a wry sense of sarcasm. Follow the adventures of Max and his friends - Stu, Annie, Circe, Joe, and at least one or two others - as they watch their lives unfurl before them,  then kind of shrivel up a bit.

Sluggy Freelance

Oooh! *poing* poing* poing*! This comic is nifty! It's the granddaddy of them all, and the inspiration for a lot of web cartoonists out there, including me. Join Riff, Torg and Zoe as they deal with alien monsters, psychotic rabbits, overly-cute ferrets, Dimensions of Pain, vampires, killer kittens, Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, inflatable technology, and occasionally their feelings for each other (well, not between Riff & Torg. Except in a guy way. Although next time Riff *does* want to be the concubine...). Click the image to see what the fuss is about.

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