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C.Ulture Shocked is aiming at a PG-13/12 certificate (depending on your country) due to suggested violence, sex, and a rather dark twist to the humour.


03-05-04 My it's dusty around here...

What's this? No, it *could* be! Not..an...yes, yes, it's...

An update!

Alright, it's not *much* of an update because I don't like giving out great news when things still haven't really started. *But*. I have a new scanner. I have the inclination. And I'm slowly moving to pick things up where they left off.

Of course, it's going to take time. I'm now a freelancer; a role that suits me about as well as the US Millitary suit the average Iraqi citizen (i.e. they say it should be better for me and in theory there's a lot of good here but frankly the major things it seems to have brought is fear and terror), so I'm spending a lot of time between contracts desperately looking for a permanent position. Plus I'm trying to move into independent living (hi, I'm disabled, did I not say that before?) and write a book, so creatively? This is going to take time to re-establish itself. But hey, since I'm never going to get a huge readership, I no longer mind. I just have to redesign the site and make it all as XHTML compatible as this page tries to be (but fails, thank you very much dropdowns!)

Meanwhile, if you're desperate for more regular news, go join the c_ultureshocked community on LiveJournal. It's where all the cool kids are!

Right, I'm off to do..stuff. Stuff is cool.

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